360 Virtual Tours

360 virtual tour photography is technology that allows users to view a 360-degree view of a location or space. This can be done on a computer, mobile device, or virtual reality headset.

360 Virtual Tour Features

There are a lot of advantages to have a 360 virtual tour taken of a crime scene.  To find out more please read our blog post >  [to follow]

  • Feature 1

    • Accuracy: 360 degree panorama images can provide a more accurate representation of a crime scene than traditional photographs. This is because they capture the entire scene in a single image, rather than a series of individual photographs that can be difficult to piece together.
  • Feature 2

    • Efficiency: 360 degree panorama images can save time and resources during crime scene examinations. This is because they allow investigators to document the scene in a single image, rather than having to take multiple photographs.
  • Feature 3

    Collaboration: 360 degree panorama images can facilitate collaboration between investigators. This is because they allow investigators to share the same view of the crime scene, regardless of their location.

360 virtual tour
  • Feature 4

    • Training: 360 degree panorama images can be used to train new investigators. This is because they allow investigators to experience a crime scene without having to be physically present.
  • Feature 5

    Help Investigators: They can help investigators to reconstruct the crime scene. By viewing the scene from different angles, investigators can get a better understanding of how the crime occurred. This can be helpful in identifying the perpetrator and establishing a timeline for the crime.

  • Feature 6

    Public engagement: 360 degree panorama images can be used to engage the public in crime scene investigations. This is because they allow the public to see a crime scene from the perspective of an investigator.

Our 360 Virtual Tours

Within the Partnership we have the expertise and experience to create and securely host 360 virtual tours.

For this client, they wanted to demystify the experience of entering the criminal justice system for the first time - a police station.  This project is working with people who have been brought to the UK as modern day slaves and might be scared of engaging with the UK police having had a poor experience in their own country.

This client is for commercial reasons. With the Matterport system, it can be password protected.  As well as 'hot spots' you can also have plans created from the 360 virtual tour and take meaningful measurements from the Panoramas.

And if required we can embed a 360 virtual tour on Google Maps.  Here's an an example we produced for a Commercial business in Hove, East Sussex.

Here is one type of tour for a client.  It has 'hot-spots' that give additional information, whether that's images, text or video.  Also it has the option to change the language of all the text.  In this case the client wanted Cantonese and Mandarin (change in the top right).

Editing 360 images for Virtual Tours

We have the expertise to stitch and edit the raw 360 images from the camera to create the immersive 360 panoramas.  We can host the panoramas or we can forward them to you with the appropriate software to be able to view them.  Although please be advised you will need to consult with your IT Dept to get prior approval for the software to be installed on to Network client computers. 

Editing 360 panorama RAW images

Why Choose Us?

We have a range of partners who are able to produce these 360 virtual tours across the UK.  They can be called upon at short notice to assist or lead the photography, if required.

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We have some of the best experts in the UK forensic training environment.  With many of them having years of practical experience, relevant to the training delivered.


We have a wide expertise for your training requirements and understand the need to be costive effective and delivered to meet the needs of the students.   

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